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March 2018 #3

March 22, 2018

Third update for March of 2018. Introducing a brand new diaper girl, Iris! Please welcome her and off words of encouragement. 🙂

1. Iris has come home several hours after her curfew and she’s in big trouble. She goes right over my knee for a long, hard spanking – first with my hand and then with the hairbrush. It doesn’t end until she is in tears, as all spankings should. Afterwards, she is told that she will spend the next couple weeks in diapers, which is an embarrassing prospect for such a popular girl. After being diapered, she storms back into her bedroom and collapses on the bed – angry at the world and worried about what her friends will say if they discover the thick diapers.

2. Alisha is having a naughty dream while she naps, which prompts her to start rubbing her pussy through her diaper while still mostly asleep. As her arousal wakes her slowly, she realizes her hand isn’t enough to reach orgasm. She rolls over and tries to grind on a pillow, but it’s not enough either. Then she remembers the magic wand is still hiding under her stuffies, so she pulls it out and manages to bring herself to an intense orgasm.

3. Pookie is in big trouble and requires serious correction. Daddy gives her a double dose of castor oil and locks her in the pillory. She expects to spend an hour or two in that infernal contraption, but then she finds out he intends to leave her there all night. As the night progresses, Pookie tries to find a comfortable position as her back becomes stiff and sore. The castor oil kicks in some time in the middle of the night, causing her to fill her diaper repeatedly. By morning she is a very sorry girl and ready for a shower, fresh diaper and a nap.

4. Alisha is wearing a thick space diaper as she enters the nursery. She loves to wear her tight denim overalls, as they pull her diaper snug. The tight fit feels amazing as her fluffy diaper rubs against her clitoris when she walks. She pulls them her legs and fastens the shoulder straps, then lies on the bed as she moves her legs around – enjoying the wonderful sensations.

5. Pookie turns on the camera and answers some of the most commonly asked questions from her followers.

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