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March 2018 #4

March 29, 2018

Update #4 for March 2018. Enjoy!

1. Iris is thickly diapered in a Valentine’s diaper as she plays with all the toys on the nursery floor. Such an adorable diaper girl.

2. Pookie is locked in the pillory once again. Daddy pulls down her diaper and inserts the enema nozzle as she anticipates the forthcoming soapy water. She tenses when the water is released and begins to fill her colon. It doesn’t take long for the cramps from two quarts of soapy water to kick in. Once the bag is empty, Daddy pulls the nozzle and re-tapes her diaper. She tries to hold it, but doesn’t last long – filling the diaper with a long, loud and humiliating torrent. She will definitely learn her lesson this time.

3. Taylor is cleaning the kitchen with her thick space diaper peeking out over her sweatpants. This is a completely behind the scenes video where the camera was turned on while she was cleaning the kitchen in preparation of another video.

4. Alisha is supposed to be going to sleep, but she tells Daddy she needs to organize her stuffies before she can go to bed. As soon as Daddy leaves the room, however, she starts to play with her stuffies as she avoids bedtime as long as possible.

5. Dolly was supposed to be doing dishes, but didn’t finish. When Daddy confront her, she gives a lame excuse and is told to fetch the paddle. Daddy intends to spank her on her bare bottom, but discovers her diaper is quite messy. Rather than change her, he decides to paddle her dirty butt and send her back to the kitchen to finish her chores.

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