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Marie: Punishment Day

December 11, 2011

Today, I have a guest. We will call her Marie(not her real name). She came for a day of diaper punishment and would like her experience documented online. I am taking photos and videos, but she is unsure whether she is willing to have them posted online just yet. If she chooses to have them posted, I will do so. If not, all I can do is document her experience.

I will be updating this post throughout the day and will include time stamps.


12:25PM – Marie rings the doorbell. She was supposed to be here at 12:00, so first order of business is to teach her the value of my time.


12:30PM – After inviting Marie into the house, I have her sign some papers giving me full control over her visit. There are also documents for her to prove that she is over the age of 18(she is 22).


12:35PM – I strip Marie of her clothing and find that she is wearing a sexy pair of panties. She was given specific instructions to be wearing a diaper upon arrival – with the caveat that if she was unable to be diapered, she be wearing plain white cotton panties.

If she had been wearing white cotton panties, she would have simply received an over the knee spanking for not being diapered. Because she is wearing lacy, sexy panties, she is going to receive a much harder spanking.


12:40PM – Marie is bent over the spanking bench and her wrists and ankles are bound to the legs of the bench. I begin by inserting my largest butt plug into her ass. I use a fair amount of lube and insert it slowly to prolong the discomfort. She cries out a few too many times, so I place a ball gag in her mouth and fasten it tightly around her head.

Once the plug has popped into place, I warm her up with about fifty swats of my belt. Her ass is bright red by this point, but I’m not finished. I fully expect her ass to be bruised from the direct violation of the rules, but the leather belt isn’t cutting it. I grab a thick wooden paddle from the wall and give her ten hard swats across both cheeks. A bruise appears after the first swat, but the entire ‘sit spot’ of her ass is a solid bruise when I’m finished.


12:55PM – Spanking is over, but she is still bawling and sobbing. I think an hour on the bench is fair to let her think about her situation. I remove the gag for safety reasons(since I will not be staying in the room), but give her orders to remain quiet. I will check on her at 2:00PM.


2:00PM – She spent the last hour sobbing and moaning. Some of it was from the pain of her bruised ass, but the moaning was clearly a sign that she is enjoying her predicament.

Unstrapped her from the spanking bench and moved her to the changing table for double thick diapers. The butt plug is staying in place for a while longer. Dressed her up in a short skirt that barely covers her diaper and a pair of leggings underneath since it’s cold outside. We are going to lunch. I planted the idea into her head that I would be humiliating her in public and she’s really worried about that. We will see what happens.

Will post about our trip when we return.


4:45PM – Went to a local restaurant for lunch. She was very insecure about her situation. She had to sit upright and very still to keep the skirt from showing anything, but sitting like that made the butt plug even more uncomfortable. I didn’t want to do anything blatant somewhere that kids could have seen anything, so after lunch we went to a local adult toy store.

When we walked in the door, I put my hand on her ass and pulled her skirt up and tucked it into the waistband. She didn’t notice. After walking through the aisles for about twenty minutes, a woman that worked at the store came over and told Marie that her skirt was stuck in her waistband. The girl just smiled, but Marie turned bright red.

We just got back, so I need to prepare her next punishment. Details after a while. 😉


7:00PM – For her next punishment, I locked her in the pillory(my favorite piece of furniture) and pulled down her diaper. I gave her a few good swats with the leather paddle as a reminder of her situation.

Next, I filled the enema bag with two quarts of water and a little bit of glycerin. I used the inflatable nozzle to ensure she would hold it for the prescribed amount of time. After removing her plug, I inserted the nozzle and squeezed the hand pump 8 times. She begged me to stop, but I needed to make sure it would stay in place.

I released the stopper on the enema bag and let it slowly flow into her ass. She genuinely freaked out a bit after half the bag was empty. She swore she couldn’t take anymore, so I put it on low flow and told her I turned it off. Sneaky, I know, but she calmed down and slowly took the rest of the enema.

She was told she must hold it for fifteen minutes for it to work properly. I turned a kitchen timer to 30 minutes and sat it on the bench where she couldn’t see it, but could hear it ticking down.

When the bell went off thirty minutes later, I slowly removed the nozzle and pulled her diapers back up. I told her if she could hold it on her own for another 15 minutes, I would let her use the toilet. If she failed, she would be staying in the pillory until dinner time and would eat in the high chair while sitting in her mess.

She didn’t even last two minutes and I could hear her audibly messing herself. She cried when she realized she would be stuck in the pillory for another two hours. The aching was already starting in her lower back and the full diaper was sure to start itching soon.

Will update again at dinner time. =)


11:00PM – Ordered Pizza for dinner. Marie had strained peas and carrots while locked into the high chair. The smell from her diaper was horrendous, so I ate in the other room while she gagged on her baby food.

After dinner, I put her in the shower to clean her up and then got her into a fresh triple thick diaper and footed PJs for the night. She is currently asleep in the cage and will be there until morning. Will post more then. =)


9:00AM – Marie was pretty cramped when I let her out of the cage. Apparently she still had a bit of enema left in her from yesterday, because she messed a bit overnight. She’s got a little bit of a rash, but nothing too bad.

She has to go home in two hours, so going to get one more good punishment out of the way before she leaves. Will post later.


11:15AM – After changing her diaper, I told Marie to make us some breakfast. It was a normal breakfast, because she needed some real nourishment before the long drive home.

Afterwards, I locked her in the pillory again. Once again, I inserted the large butt plug into her ass and then proceeded to give her the bruised ass she wanted to go home with. About 80 swats with the leather belt, another 40 with the leather paddle and then 50 swats with the rubber coated wooden paddle.

Her ass was quite bruised and she was begging me to stop, but she had made it clear before she arrived that she wanted no mercy and I should not stop no matter how much she begged. Once her ass was sufficiently purple, I rubbed in some lotion to help prevent damage to the skin.

After removing her from the pillory, I put her in two thick Bambino diapers and covered those with the locking plastic panties she had brought with her. The key to the lock was placed in an envelope and mailed to her house. She would receive in a day or two. That’s a long time to sit in the same diapers.


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