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May 2017 #3

May 26, 2017

This week’s update features some of your favorite diaper girls. Enjoy!

1. Alisha is thickly diapered as she pulls on a onesie and shortalls to play outside. She has a sheet spread out in the yard and spends some time coloring, but gets bored and eventually ends up jumping on the trampoline.

2. Nikko is playing on the floor when the urge to mess hits her hard. She tries to avoid it at first, but the cramps are too much. She shifts positions until she is able to relax enough to fill her diaper. Surprisingly aroused by the act of messing herself, she begins to masturbate in the full diaper.

3. Jessie and Red are both diapered and enjoying each other’s company. They are curled up in the crib, drinking from their bottles and cuddling. Very cute video of two adorable big babies.

4. Summer is determined to get better at pool, so she can challenge Daddy to a game and win a day out of diapers. Judging from her performance in this video, that day is a long time away. 😉

5. Alisha is wearing a soaking wet diaper under her denim shortalls, but her bowels are aching for release as well. Not wanting to deal with the cramps, she turns around from her play and makes a big mess in her soaking wet(and leaking) diaper.

6. This is a behind the scenes video that I thought was cute. Taylor is taking a break between scenes, thickly diapered under her sweatpants as she yawns and falls asleep. Don’t let anyone tell you modeling is easy work. The girls that come here are exhausted by the end of the day.

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