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May 2018 #1

May 6, 2018

First udpate for May 2018. Enjoy!

1. Taylor comes home from school with a lot of homework to finish. She gets right to work, laying on the couch and digging into her textbook. The thing is, her thick diaper is clearly visible as she lays there, which means she spent all day at school wearing a diaper that must’ve been hard to hide. Uh oh!

2. Alisha has been arrested for protesting illegally. After she is strip searched, she is put into a cell without a toilet. To take care of her personal needs, she is provided with an adult diaper to wear. She is very humiliated by the infantile attire, but has no choice and puts the diaper on.Later that day, her bladder is bursting, but is having a hard time releasing it into the diaper. When the pressure becomes too much, she gives in and soaks the absorbent undergarment.Already disgusted by the wet diaper between her thighs, Alisha awakes the next morning desperately needing to have a bowel movement. She fights it for a while, but eventually the cramps are too much and she drops a loud, disgusting load into the already wet diaper. She remarks about how humiliated she is by this new low and is worried the mess is leaking out of the diaper.

3. Pookie wakes up in a soaking wet diaper, but needs to get ready for the day. She strips out of her wet diaper, cleans herself up and puts on a clean diaper and a onesie. Now she just needs to get dressed and run all her errands.

4. Natalia’s diaper is soaking wet, so Dolly isn’t surprised to find it that way. She moves the girl up on the changing table and cleans up as she puts her into a fresh, clean diaper.

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