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May 2018 #2

May 16, 2018

Second update of May 2018. Enjoy!

1. Pookie is supposed to get up and use the toilet at night, despite the fact that she wears diapers to bed for protection. The rules are simple; if she wakes up with a wet diaper, she must spend the remainder of the day in diapers as well. When Daddy notices her wet diaper this morning, he moves her to the changing table. Instead of changing her diaper, he points out that the diaper is only slightly wet, so he pokes several drainage holes and tapes another diaper over the top. That should hold up to a full day of wetting at school.

With her butt thickly diapered, Pookie gathers her school clothes and gets dressed. The bulky diaper is quite obvious under her skirt, however, so she picks a pair of stretch pants to wear under the skirt as well. Even though it hides the diaper from prying eyes, it’s still quite obvious she is wearing it. It’s going to be a long, embarrassing day for poor Pookie.

2. When company came over, Taylor tried to hide in her room so nobody would notice her bulky diaper under her pants. Daddy was having none of that and took her pants away completely. Now, she is lying in bed waiting for Daddy’s visitors to leave, but they’ve been there all day and she really needs to move her bowels.

She held back, hoping they would leave and she would be able to get changed right away. Unfortunately, she can no longer hold it and loses control. As the mess fills the diaper, a noticeable bulge appears. Holding it for so long has resulted in a massive load that is quite obvious.

Once she has finished, she rolls onto her side and waits for company to leave. Hopefully Daddy doesn’t come check on her while they’re still present, because that could be very embarrassing.

3. Alisha has been refusing to mess in her diaper, so Daddy decides she needs a lesson. He locks her in the pillory after giving her three suppositories. After two hours, he checks on her to find that her diaper is still clean. Ever the smart ass, she complains about being bored. In response, Daddy places the magic wand right up against her diaper and straps it to her leg. Perhaps the incessant vibrations will keep her mind occupied and make it harder to hold in the suppositories.

Of course he’s right and soon Alisha is filling her diaper like she should have all along. Unfortunately, now she has to deal with the uncomfortable pillory, the strain in her lower back and the constant stream of orgasms that are exhausting her. Do you think she will learn her lesson?

4. Red’s is playing with her stuffies when Mommy comes to check on her. It’s time to get ready for bed, so the pile of cloth diapers and plastic pants she brought with her are about to get used. After pinning Red into the thick diaper, it’s almost time for bed. Red plays with her stuffies a little more as she tires herself out.

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