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May 2018 #3

May 25, 2018

Third update for May 2018. Enjoy!

1. Alisha hasn’t messed in a while and Daddy is concerned. Constipation can cause a lot of problems, so he gives her a couple suppositories during her diaper change and sends her to bed for a nap. It doesn’t take long for the fast-acting laxatives to kick in and she is soon filling her diaper. She won’t be getting changed until later, however, so she has no choice but to take a nap and hope time passes quickly.

2. Taylor and David are having a wicked Nerf war. Taylor is hiding behind the pool table, as she cycles through the different loaded blasters. She gets a lot of good shots in, but the batteries are the big blaster are dead! After the battle, David comes to her side for hugs and diaper pats.

3. Pookie has been holding it in all day, because she didn’t want to mess her diaper while out. Now that she’s home, it’s time to let loose and really fill her diaper. She kneels in front of the bed and grunts and groans as the relief comes slowly.

4. An older clip of Natalia that fell through the cracks. In this clip, she masturbates in a very wet diaper, loving the feeling of the warm wetness against her clit as she brings herself to glorious orgasm.

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  1. Nice Update. What about a punishment with an anal ring, so that a girl leaves the control over her bowel?

  2. good update thanks ! why not a long video where taylor has a diaper change an onesie a bottle and a pacifier with Daddy ? it would be so cute !

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