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May 2018 #4

May 30, 2018

Fourth update for the month of May. Enjoy!

1. Alisha is locked in the wall stocks for her punishment. Several fast acting laxatives are working their way through her body as she waits to be freed. This clip picks up a few moments before she finally loses control and fills the diaper. The look on her face is a mix of tension, disgust and humiliation. How long will Daddy leave her there in that disgusting diaper?

2. Pookie is laying in bed, still wearing her school skirt over her diaper. She is reading a sexy story and can’t help but touch herself. The bulky diaper is making it difficult to masturbate, however, so she uses the magic wand and the edge of the mattress to grind to orgasm. She even uses the edge of the changing table, since it’s harder. After two amazing orgasms, she curls up in her bed and goes to sleep.

3. Taylor has been busy with her chores all day. Daddy took away her pants, so spent the day in a sweater, shoes and diaper on full display. As she lays down, she realizes she needs to pee and soaks the diaper, knowing Daddy will be in to change her soon. Until then, she kicks back and reads on her phone.

4. Daddy is busy and Alisha was being a bit of a pest, so he put her in the cage with her stuffies to keep her occupied while he worked. Despite the tight confines of the small cage, Alisha manages to have a good time playing her toys.

5. Natalia is bound on the table with her diapered butt elevated. She has been given three suppositories to help her move her bowels, but she is having a hard time doing it laying on her belly. Of course, the laxatives are quite strong and it only takes a few minutes for her to lose control and fill her diaper with a sizable load. NOTE: This is an older clip that was never added to the site. Good thing for content audits. 🙂

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  1. I really honestly truly wish that I could get somebody to punish me to wear diapers and give me a diaper punishment forever

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