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Messy Diaper Trick

April 7, 2013

The Messy Diaper Trick

I probably shouldn’t post this, because I know diaper girls that want to come see me will read it and learn the messy diaper trick. However, it’s one of those things I think people would be interested in, so I’m writing about it. Basically, this is a process for making your diaper girl(or diaper boy) mess their diaper in whatever setting you choose.

First, you need to get an enema bag and an inflatable enema nozzle. When you give your diaper girl an enema, you need to inflate the nozzle several times – both to ensure a good seal and to displace anything that might be in the lower colon. The lower colon is the small area at the end of the colon that triggers the need to poop when it fills up. This is why you don’t just constantly need to poop. If that section is empty, there is no urge to poop. The inflatable nozzle pushes anything in that section back up. The nozzle itself will trigger the urge, but once removed the urge goes away. Follow me?

Secondly, give them a full enema. Most enema bags are one to three quarts in size. The amount doesn’t matter as much, but larger enemas are less effective for this trick. Once the bag is empty, make them hold it for at least fifteen minutes. The longer it is held, the more the water will be absorbed within the colon and will be lessy watery. The body will absorb a good portion of it, which is great for hydration. Fecal matter will absorb the rest. The more water in the enema, the less likely it is to be completely absorbed though.

Donna Messy Diaper Enema

Third, after they’ve held the enema for at least fifteen minutes, deflate the nozzle and remove it. They will think they are going to explode, but since the lower colon is still empty, nothing will happen. Too much water, however, will cause the lower colon to refill immediately and trigger the urge to poop. A smaller enema will still be retained higher in the colon. At this point, you can even let them sit on the toilet to expell the enema. In most cases, nothing will happen. Some will release a little and feel like they cleared themselves out. All will have a ticking time bomb still suspended in their upper colon though.

Fourth, put them back into diapers and take them to whatever setting you have chosen. Usually about an hour later, the softened fecal matter in the upper colon will descend into the lower colon and trigger a very strong urge to poop. In most cases, it will be so strong they won’t be able to hold it longer than ten minutes. This, of course, leads to a VERY messy diaper and often a very loud and embarrassing incident.

I often use the messy diaper trick on diaper girls that come to see me. After letting them use the toilet, I put them in thick diapers and locking plastic pants and then send them on an errand.

My favorite was the time I sent the girl to the porn shop to buy a large butt plug. She was wearing double thick Bambino diapers, locking plastic panties and a skirt that barely covered her diaper. I went into the store first and added a small blue sticker to the plug I wanted her to buy. She followed a couple minutes later with orders to buy the correct plug or be punished. She was enjoying the embarrassment of bending over to look at plugs and giving small peeks of her diaper to people walking by. But then she noticeably turned pale when the urge hit and let out a very loud fart. She blushed, but continued to look for the marked plug. A minute later, she grabbed her stomach and bent over as she audibly filled her diaper.

One of the women that worked at the shop came over to ask if she was alright. She said she was fine, just gassy. The sales clerk walked away with a wrinkled nose, blissfully unaware of her messy diaper. She finally found the correct plug and took it to the counter to pay. In the middle of the transaction, she let out another audible mess and blushed again. When she took her purchase outside, I heard the clerks talking about what had just happened and laughing. They weren’t sure if it was a dare or a fetish.

Anyways, that is the trick I like to use. Do with it as you will and enjoy! =)


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  1. The first time my daddy used that trick on me it backfired. I didn’t lose control at the zoo like he planned. I lost control in the car on the way home. A two hour drive with my stinky diaper reminding him of what he had made me do. HAHAHAHAHA!

  2. ^Brandy. Did you get the enema at home then drive to the zoo or somewhere closer by? Two hours to drive too the zoo seems like a long time for it to work.

  3. We were staying in a hotel at the beach when he gave me the enema. Then we went to the zoo for an hour or so before heading home. He figured I would mess at the zoo and he would change me in the hotel before we checked out.

    I didn’t lose control for about three hours after the enema. Not sure why. I was even fine during the first twenty minutes of the drive home. Then it just hit me really hard.

  4. WOOOOWWWWW!!!!!! I would love to have a mommy or daddy do this to me!! wish i had a daddy or mommy like you i would it and hate it at same time.

  5. how come you never post a video of the girls faces as they mess? Their always bent over or have their faces in the corner … Would love to see a girls facial expressions as they mess

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