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March 3, 2012

I have been promising to write this story for a long time, but have only just found the time to do so. I get a lot of emails from people asking me to expand on the story of how I came to enjoy the diaper punishment of young women. This is that story.


When I was about 13 years old, I lived in a fairly tight-knit mobile home community. These days ‘trailer parks’ have a very negative connotation, but back then they were very much for the middle class.

I had this huge crush on a girl named Carrie that lived a few houses down and we became very good friends. Being young, I was a bit too shy to tell her about my crush, so friendship was the next best thing.

One day, shortly after we became friends, I went to her house to hang out. Her mother answered the door with a huge grin on her face. She invited me in and I followed her into the kitchen where I saw Carrie sitting in a high chair that was too small for her. Her face was quite the mess, which I quickly determined to be caused by the plate of syrup coated pancakes sitting in front of her on the tray. She was eating them with her bare hands, as there were no utensils present. My eyes were immediately drawn to her waist, where I saw that she was wearing a diaper.

She teared up when she saw me and tried to hide her face. I was so confused and didn’t know what to think, but her mother told me to have a seat on the couch. Then she let Carrie out of the high chair and they disappeared down the hall..

A few minutes later, Carrie returned fully dressed and I followed her out of the door. Just out of earshot of the house, she begged me not to tell anyone. I had a serious crush on her still and promised that I would never tell anyone what I had seen. That seemed to make her feel a little better, but she was still embarrassed.

Some time later, we were at the park where we climbed up on top of the monkey bars and talked about what had happened. She made me promise once again that I wouldn’t tell anyone. Then, she told me that she was punished that way every time she wet the bed. She wore diapers to bed every night and if she woke up wet, she had to eat her breakfast in her little brother’s high chair. It was something that happened once or twice a week.

For a while, all I felt was pity and felt like the poor girl was being abused. Then, a few weeks later, she dropped a bomb on me. She asked what I would think if she told me she wet the bed on purpose, because she liked it. She didn’t go into too much detail, but it struck me hard that she went through all of that on purpose.

She became my girlfriend that day, but we were too young to do anything other than light kissing. I witnessed her punishments a few more times before her mother got a job elsewhere and they moved.

It wasn’t until I got older that I realized it probably wasn’t the diapers that she liked. Thinking back to conversations we had, I believe she had a fetish for wetting her pants, but since I had been focused on the diapers I thought that was the part she liked. It very much shaped my own sexual development though, as I began to fantasize about girls in diapers.

I assumed that type of desire was unique to her, but I was young and lacked knowledge of the real world. I knew from experience that Carrie was not the only person diaper punished by a parent. It was the 80s and I knew of least half a dozen that had experienced it. Carrie was the only one that enjoyed it as far as I knew. It didn’t stop me from trying to find another though. I was hooked on diaper girls.

At 15, I was a sophomore in high school and I worked in the nurse’s office during fourth period. The nurse’s office had two bathrooms; one regular bathroom for sick students and a disability bathroom with extra room for wheelchairs and a small resting bed for students that needed to rest in the dark or near the toilet for vomiting or diarrhea. There was also a set of shelves in this bathroom with a lot of the nursing supplies the nurse might need.

The second week working there, this girl came in to use the restroom. She just said ‘girl stuff’ and headed straight for the disabled bathroom with her backpack. It was odd that she used that bathroom, but I didn’t think anything of it at first. However, every Friday she would come in to deal with her ‘girl stuff’, always carrying her backpack. At 15, I knew all too well that girl’s periods came once a month, not even week. Suspicious, I started checking the restroom after she would leave to see if she was stealing anything.

It must’ve been the second or third time I checked the bathroom that I noticed the big cardboard box in the corner had been opened. When I looked inside, I was overwhelmed to find it filled with adult sized diapers – Attends to be exact. I wasn’t sure how to feel, but the knowledge that adult diapers was a thing really set me a path of fantasy for a while.

The following week, as soon as I got to the Nurse’s office, I went into the bathroom and placed a little piece of tape across the top of the box. I needed to know if that was really what she was stealing. I looked inside and took a mental note of how many were present, then placed the tape indicator on top. Sure enough, after she came and on, the tape was pulled off and there were three diapers missing from the box.

I was so tempted to call her out and maybe make a friend that was into diapers, but my doubts got the better of me. She may have been stealing them for a disabled sibling… or perhaps she had a disability herself. If I confronted her, I would risk outing myself if it wasn’t a fetish for her. So, I chickened out and never talked to her about it. To this day, I wonder about her motives.

At 16, I met my first serious girlfriend. Her name was Autumn and she had bone white hair. We met at her parent’s store, which sold medieval and wiccan items. One day, after having sex for only the third time in my life, she asked if I had any fantasies. I was too embarrassed to tell her I fantasized about putting her in a diaper while we fucked, so I just gave some lame fantasy about 69ing.

She went out of her way to make that fantasy a reality multiple times, before she told me that she wanted me to tie her hands behind her back, pull her hair really hard and slap her repeatedly before shoving my dick in her mouth. Over time, her fantasies became even more involved, asking me to tie her to the bed, cover her with the blankets and leave her there for a while.

Several months later, after catering to her fantasies, I decided to give mine a shot. One day, while I had her tied to the bed with a blanket over her face, I pulled out one of the diapers I had stolen from the Nurse’s office and put it on her. I was really worried she would think it was too weird, but she really seemed to get into it.

When I untied her a while later, she straddled me and rubbed her diapered ass up and down the shaft of my penis. Then she turned around in a 69 position and took my cock into her mouth while she straddled my face. I buried my face in her diapered pussy as she bobbed up and down on my cock.

We dated for over a year even though she moved. She didn’t move too far, but she did start going to a different school. I began to skip school to be with her, which quickly spiraled into a disaster. I was failing classes and my parents tried to keep me from seeing her to get my education back on track. I was a teenaged punk though and refused. I moved out when I was almost 17 and dropped out of school. I moved in with a friend, which was a huge mistake as all we ever did was get high and listen to music. Autumn wasn’t pleased about the new me and we just sort of drifted apart.

By the time I was 20 years old, things went from bad to worse. I found myself homeless and selling plasma just to feed myself. With no other options available, I joined Job Corps.

Job Corps was easily the best decision I ever made. I got my GED, learned to use computers and then went on to college. Since I lived on a Job Corps center and had no bills to pay, I was able to take a double load of classes and got my Bachelor Degree in less than two years.

Of course, my interest in girls in diapers never went away. As a Job Corps student, I had built a very positive reputation with the staff and was rewarded with extra privileges. It was during my last month as a student that I met Betsy.

You can read about Betsy and the next step of my journey at “Diaper Girls – How did it become a web site?”

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  1. Great story!

    You were very lucky to have such a experience. I knew a girl who wet the bed. She lived across the street when I was growing up. She wore diapers all time.

    One day she showed me them. I remember being intrigued. I thought it was cute when girls wore diapers and used them.

    The experience stuck with me!

  2. thats a great explanation of how you fell for the diaper girls I wish I could also experience something like that I am always looking for things like that and have some sitings of my own but not like that.

  3. To be honist the story u told about the Club girl part 1-2 was really good by the way I liked it but my fetish is quite different lol no other girls lol good job and I wish u could make a 3rd club girl if u did I couldn’t fined it

  4. This is so awesome. I just found your site and I’ve been into ABDL and diapers heavily for 8 or 9 years, but I am super closeted about it, only a handful of people in my life know about it. One of my family members found me out by walking in on me at age 12, and told the whole family. Other than them, only my significant other knows. My family heavily shamed me for it and even tried admitting me in a mental hospital for it. I know it’s hard to understand for most people. Anyways, the part where you said the high school girl was stealing diapers from the disabled bathroom, I did the exact same thing. Quickly after realizing I was secretly obsessed with this fetish the excitement and curiosity consumed me in wanting to try them, and the actual stealing was an adrenaline rush as well. It didn’t just stop at school. I kept stealing them from any places I saw them at. I would actively search for them in elderly family members’ homes. The thought of possibly getting caught was terrifying, but I never did. I don’t do it anymore, but I relish those memories. I was not good at hiding and disposing of the used diapers though, and I did not have enough privacy as a teen to engage in it without being caught frequently. I’m a female by the way. Sorry for typing so much, you inspired me to share some of my story too!

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