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My Beginnings – By Candace

February 11, 2017

I guess I should start with a little about me, right? Well, I’m 31 years old, female and ABDL. I don’t know really know if I am more AB or DL, which seems to be a question I get asked a lot. I’m definitely a Little, but I’m more turned on by the diaper itself than anything else. I guess that probably makes me more of a DL?

Anyway my fetish started shortly after I hit puberty. Not to be too gross, but as every girl knows dealing with periods has a learning curve. At first, I wasn’t very good at knowing when to take care of things and would end up with stains in my pants or bed. My mother got on my case about it frequently. When it happened on my 4th or 5th cycle, she threatened to put me in diapers if I couldn’t change my pad often enough. For whatever reason, that threat struck me hard and I found myself having fantasies about her doing just that. How the boys I liked at school would tease me and call me a baby. She never followed through on the threat, but the damage was done and my new fetish had begun.

Over the years, I began to expand my kinks to include spanking, slapping, wetting my pants, enemas, messy diapers and bondage. All of it ties into my base desire for humiliation though, so I melt when these things are done in front of an audience. That’s why I’m excited to come and shoot with you and your friends at the end of the summer. It will be a dream come true!

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  1. Thank you for sharing. I had a similar experience, which led to my fetish as well. I spent the night with my cousin and my pad shifted while we were playing and stained my pajamas. My aunt was pissed and made me wear one of my younger cousin’s pull-ups to bed. It was so embarrassing, but after I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

  2. I was always curious how many girls got into diapers because of their periods. I hope that doesn’t sound creepy. Honestly just genuine curiosity.

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