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My Ex-Wife by James

April 17, 2010

Those that know me, know about my relationship with my ex-wife. When we were together, she was very supportive of my desires and often used diaper discipline to get what she wanted out of me. It was a great marriage for several years, but when she developed a gambling problem things went bad. She refused to get help and constantly gambled away our savings.

Even though we are now divorced, she still shows up once or twice a month looking for money. Instead of simply asking or begging for it, she will introduce some diaper discipline to butter me up. These scenes last anywhere from a couple hours to a couple days and she is very creative at coming up with new ideas. She also knows that I am always in the mood.

This last Saturday, she came for a visit and while we were having a conversation about something in the news, she suddenly reached for the back of my pants. She pulled on my waistband and commented that I was not diapered and needed to be punished. As she reached around to the front of my pants to unbutton them, she made comments about how I could ruin these perfectly good pants if I had an accident and she needed to teach me a lesson. Once my pants were unbuttoned, she pulled them down to my knees and guided me into a bent position over the back of the couch.

Once in proper position, she brought her hand down on my bared ass over and over for a lengthy spanking. She spanked straight on for about ten minutes until I was actually whimpering and could feel the heat emanating from my reddened ass. Satisfied with the spanking, she then led me to my bedroom where she piled a few pillows in the middle of the bed and guided me over them so I was face down but my ass was in the air. She told me not to move as I watched open the closet and pull out the large enema kit and the inflatable butt plug enema nozzle.

She took the bag into the bathroom and filled it to the brim with warm water. Next she attached the hose and hung it from the hook next to the bed. Picking up the butt plug nozzle, she reached into the nightstand drawer for lube and coated it completely before pressing it against my asshole. It had been a while since I had anything in my ass, so it took a few minutes to work the plug all the way in. Once the plug was in place, she attached the enema tube and then squeezed the inflator bulb three times for a tight fit.

After clicking the valve and releasing the enema to flow into my bowels, she went back to the closet and grabbed two Bambino diapers and a pair of locking plastic pants. Using one of my old tricks, she cut small slits into one of the diapers, so fluid could flow through it into the second diaper. The enema slowed down when it was mostly empty, but rather than accept I was full she just lifted the bag a little higher and the last bits of water flowed into my ass with an uncomfortable cramp.

With the plug still in place, she rolled me over onto my back and placed the two thick Bambino diapers under me. My legs were then lifted up and the air released from the plug, before she slowly pulled the plug from my ass. Removing it slowly made it more painful, but also helped to prevent any leaks that might otherwise occur. As soon as the plug was removed, she quickly pulled the diapers over my crotch and taped them tightly into place. The locking plastic pants were pulled up next and she had me stand up to give her access to the chain in the back. She pulled it very snug and locked it into place with a small padlock. The key went into her pocket.

I could feel the enema already leaking slowly from my ass and I couldn’t hold it back no matter how hard I tried. As I followed her back to the living room, my diaper became increasingly wet with each step. In the living room, she grabbed a piece of paper and began to write. After a few minutes, she handed me the paper which was a shopping list. She said she was going to be back the following day at 3pm and was going to make me lasagna for dinner, but I needed to go shopping for everything on that list before then. Without even asking, it was obvious she intended for me to go shopping while wearing a messy, double thick diaper. Then she left.

Midnight shopping seemed to be the best idea to limit my exposure and since it has been exceptionally warm lately, it would allow me to wear baggy sweat pants and a long coat to hide my diapered condition. I just hoped nobody could smell me. As scared as I was about getting caught, I managed to finish the shopping and get it home.

By 3pm the next day, I was in a very uncomfortable state. In addition to the sizable enema filling my diapers, I added my normal morning constitutional. The diaper was extremely wet and heavy, which made walking very difficult.

The ex showed up right on time at 3pm and after checking to make sure I had purchased everything on the list, she unlocked the plastic pants and told me to take a shower and wait on my bed for her when I was done. After my shower, I lay on my bed for about 15 minutes before she came into the room. She retrieved a clean Bambino diaper and a butt plug from the closet. She lubed up the plug and told me she didn’t want any messes while she ate as she steadily pushed it into my ass. Next she tightly fastened the clean diaper around my waist. I spent the rest of the evening wearing only a diaper and a plug. We talked about old times and ate her wonderful lasagna. Then as we were eating dessert, she finally asked me for money. I wrote her a check and we said our goodbyes. She promised me an extra special experience next time and said she was just waiting on something she ordered. I can’t wait.

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