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My Nanny Triggered My Diaper Kink – by Melanie

June 22, 2014

As promised, I am submitting my own history to be published if you deem it worthy. I know I promised to do this months ago, but it’s more difficult than expected to sit down and write it all out. Thanks so much for the diapers. I never thought in a million years I would win the contest.

My name is Melanie and I guess my interest in diaper discipline started when I was about eleven years old. That was when my mother passed away from cancer. My dad owns a law firm, and he didn’t have time to raise me himself, so he hired a nanny/housekeeper. Her name was Dina and she had just moved to the states a few months prior to that, so her Russian accent was very thick. It took a little getting used to, but I managed.

Dina and her two year old son moved into the guest house, but they basically lived with us. They were both in and out of the house all day. She was basically working 24 hours a day. She did everything my mother used to do; cooking, cleaning, shopping, entertainment, etc. Even discipline fell into her domain. Before you get ahead of me, she was not sadistic or mean. Quite the opposite in fact. She never laid a hand on me or humiliated me. Discipline was simple things like time-outs and grounding.

After losing my mother, I acquired a bedwetting problem. I’m not sure why, but I’m sure it was psychological. Dina simply purchased pull-ups and put me in them at bed time. Every morning, she would remove the wet pull-up and clean me up before school.

The problem was that I missed my mother and while Dina did an amazing job as a nanny, it seemed very mechanical. Perhaps it was in my head, but her attention seemed very mechanical and it seemed clear she was only taking care of me because she was being paid. Then I would see her laughing and playing with her son and I got jealous.

Being so young, her son was still in diapers. She was struggling with potty training him, so she was constantly telling him that diapers were for babies and big kids used the potty. This triggered something in my mind and I began to fantasize about Dina changing me out of my wet pull-up and into a thick babyish diaper in my size. Then she would tease me for wearing diapers and take me everywhere she went with my diaper exposed. People would laugh and call me names, which made me feel humiliated, but it was amazing.

At one point, when her son tried to stick a toy in the power outlet, she gave him three quick swats on his butt. It didn’t hurt him, but it let him know not to do that again. Of course, my mind being where it was, that triggered more day dreams of Dina taking me over her lap and spanking me.

Nothing of the sort ever actually happened, but that is how my desires for diaper discipline came about. Even though my younger self thought that Dina was only doing what she was paid to do, my adult self knows better. She was present at every awards ceremony, sports game and activity. She cried when I graduated and always made sure my birthdays and holidays were special. I often wonder if my kinks would have turned out different if I had realized that early on.

Well, that is my story. I’m sorry it’s so short, but I promised to write again about my adult life. It will definitely be longer, but I’m afraid it will probably be many months unless the mood strikes me sooner. Love the site as always. Keep up the great work.

One of your biggest fans, Melanie.

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  1. Yes well I to was a bed wetter . An at age 7 my mom put me back into cloth diapers an plastic pants every night . I hated it at first . But came to love the over all attention I got every night . Being put in the diapers . My sister an brother making fun of me . An being cleaned every morning . This went on till I was 12 . I also got enemas during that time from my mom every week .

  2. I think envy has led to a great number of fetishes. My fetish for diaper discipline came about when I was about thirteen. One of my neighbors used diaper punishment on her son whenever he wet the bed. I felt mostly ignored at home, so seeing him receive all that attention struck a chord with me. My fantasies started out with me in his place, being punished with diapers and spanking, but they evolved over time to include butt plugs, enemas, bondage and more.

    Anyway, thank you for sharing your story. Perhaps I will share my own some day. :^)

  3. I was like you but did not you diapers til I was 52 cause I like filling underware for about 20years felt good til I was caught like tell more of this when get a chance ok

  4. Your story is similar to my own, but it was my stepmother. I was always jealous of how she was with her own daughter, who was a bedwetter and put in pull-ups at night. I fantasized much the same as you. The biggest difference is I’m a guy, which also led to my desire to be sissified. I wanted to be doted on and put in cute dresses like my step sister. I also had a mad crush on her. Leave it to my dad to marry a gorgeous woman. Would love to hear more of your story.

    1. That was the other part of it for me as well. I was envious of the attention she paid to her own child, but I also had a bit of a crush on her. I think that sexual attraction was a large part of it.

  5. im a diaperlover since i have knowledge i love wearing diaper.i used to wet them a lot,just couple time i mess in them.but since i was like 16 years old the diapers become sexually in my life.

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