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November 2017 #4

November 30, 2017

Fourth update for the month of November. Enjoy!

1. Lolly is busy tidying the nursery when Muffin comes home from work, exhausted from the day. Lolly sees that the poor girl is in desperate need of some attention, so she leads her to the changing table and removes her pants to check her soaked diaper. Kicking right into mommy mode, she decides her diaper isn’t wet enough to need changed just yet. Instead, she uses the Wartenberg wheel to poke dozens of holes in that diaper and places a second diaper over the top. The double thick diaper should last through the night.

Now that Muffin is thickly diaper and feeling as little as ever, Lolly finds an adorable onesie and pulls it over her head – pulling it taut over her double diapers and snapping it closed in the crotch. She lays out a blanket on the floor and offers Muffin a teddy bear, who takes it gladly. After some diaper pats and head rubs, Lolly goes off to the kitchen to make dinner while Muffin plays in the nursery with her toys.

2. Pookie is in trouble, so Daddy must punish her. He gives her a double dose of castor oil and then locks her in the crib for the night. It doesn’t take long for the cramps to kick in, but it takes a few hours before she is uncontrollably filling her diaper. By morning, her diaper is so full there is a sizable bulge for everyone to see.

3. Pastel has just gotten home from a long day at work and she’s frustrated and tired. She strips out of her clothes and tosses the pullup she wore to guard against accidents. It’s time for a nice, thick diaper, which she tapes up while laying on the bed. After rubbing lotion all over her body to give her baby smooth skin, she kicks back and looks at all the fun ABDL stuff she missed on social media. After seeing several arousing photos and videos, she pulls out the magic wand and brings herself to multiple powerful orgasms.

4. Muffin has been having issues using her diaper, so Daddy suggests she sit on the toilet and pretend she isn’t wearing a diaper at all. It takes a few minutes for it to work, but she finally manages to mess her diaper like a good girl.

5. Pookie always likes to stay in shape, as evidenced by her amazing body. In this clip, she does some sexy diapered yoga, which I could watch all day long. 🙂

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