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October 2018 #1

October 5, 2018

First update for October 2018. Three adorable diaper girls for your viewing pleasure. πŸ™‚

1. Pastel is enjoying time in her nursery, thickly diapered and waiting for daddy. The soft, crinkly diaper has the usual effect on her – making her as horny as ever. She rubs herself through the bulky padding and uses her favorite vibe to bring herself to a powerful orgasm. Finally spent, she curls up under her blanket and dozes off.

2. This short clip shows the moments when Bunny decides to escape from the crib. She was put to bed early the night before, so after waking up early she grew bored and didn’t have the patience to wait for Daddy. What do you think is coming for our little escape artist?

3. Mia is locked in the pillory by Daddy, so he can dish out her well deserved punishment. First, he pulls down her diaper to reveal her still reddened ass from an earlier spanking. Then he lubes up his gloved finger and loosens her ass enough to take the inflatable enema nozzle. After lubing the nozzle, he slowly inserts it all the way into Mia’s ass and inflates it several times to ensure a tight seal.

After releasing the flow on the enema bag, Daddy uses the Magic Wand to bring her to multiple intense orgasms while her ass is slowly filling with water. She bucks wildly as she cums, but the pillory keeps her in place. Pulling away the Magic Wand, Daddy opens the nozzle to full and makes sure that Mia takes the entire two quarts.

Now full and exhausted, Mia is left to hold the enema – with the nozzle still inflated in her ass – for several minutes. When Daddy feels she has held it long enough, he removes it and pulls her diaper back up and tapes it tightly in place. It’s only a matter of minutes before Mia fills her diaper uncontrollably.

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