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10/21 – Diaper Girls Bunny, Iris, Pastel & Alisha

October 21, 2018

This update features some amazing diaper girls – Bunny, Iris, Pastel and Alisha. I hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween!

1. Bunny and Iris are ready for Trick or Treating, so they change into their costumes. Iris is dressed as a fairy princess, while Bunny dresses as a dastardly pirate! After they finish their Trick or Treating, they returned home to get ready for bed. Daddy has to check their candy before they can eat it, so they decide to go to bed early in hopes that tomorrow will come faster.

2. Pastel is lying in her crib, playing with her toys, when she finds one of her favorite vibrators. Daddy isn’t around to stop her, so she uses it over her diaper to bring herself to orgasm – multiple times. Such a sexy young lady in thick, fluffy diapers.

3. Alisha hasn’t messed her diaper in a couple days, so Daddy decides to give her an enema. She always struggles when made to hold it, so he locks her in the wall stocks to keep her hands away from her bottom.

She is clearly backed up and it’s preventing the enema from flowing, so Daddy lifts it a bit higher to push past the blockage. Once it does, the enema freely flows into Alisha’s bottom. Once she has held the enema for a few moments, he removes the nozzle and she loses control almost immediately.

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  1. I wore a double thick Princess diaper under my Snow White dress for Halloween. I was worried people would see, because it seemed a bit obvious, but it only made the dress stick out a bit and people assumed I was wearing petticoats. My diaper was soaking wet by the time we got home but Daddy made me wear it until morning.

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