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10/27 – Diaper Girls Bunny, Iris, Alisha, Pastel & Taylor

October 27, 2018

Fourth update for October 2018, featuring four fabulous diaper girls. 🙂

1. Bunny is writing lines on the board after getting into trouble. When Iris comes in to see what’s going on, she notices something is amiss. Hearing a crinkling sound coming from Bunny, she gets curious. It doesn’t take long to figure it out and yanks down the poor girl’s pants to see for herself. As expected, Bunny is wearing a huge adult diaper. She teases her about it and eventually leaves the room. Unfortunately for Bunny, Iris went to get her phone to take pictures of the girl’s humiliation.

2. Alisha is lying in bed trying to sleep, when the first cramps hit her hard. She hasn’t messed in two days, so Daddy had given her two suppositories before bed. Usually they don’t hit her that hard and she manages to do her business in the morning. This time, however, it happens in the middle of the night and the cramps are bad enough that she can’t wait. Getting up on her knees, she does what she needs to do to find relief. When she’s finished, she lays back down to sleep.

3. Pastel and Taylor are on a nature walk. Always the exhibitionist, Pastel is wearing a double thick diaper under her sweatpants, which would be obvious to anyone they might come across. She doesn’t care though, because it’s a great thrill.

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  1. Is that diaper messy, Bunny? Is Iris checking how much doodie is in there? Poor little baby. Diaper girls have it so bad. :p

  2. A diapered walk in the woods sounds like a great time. Wish I was there with you. Who is that in the background holding the camera?

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