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Our New Life by Brenda

April 17, 2010

My name is Brenda and I discovered a little something about my husband that completely changed our lives. About 6 months after we were married, I was snooping in his office and found several magazines hidden behind a drawer in his desk. The subject matter was all about domestic discipline and female domination. As I read them, I realized Tony had a fetish for being dominated in a maternal manner. He obviously never told me out of embarassment, so I decided it would be up to me to take the initiative.

That night, I confronted Tony when he got home from work. I showed him that I had found his magazines and wanted to know why he never told me about them. He was flushed red with embarassment and couldn’t even manage to stammer a response, so I unfastened his belt and pulled it from around his waste. He didn’t resist, which was a good sign. Next I pulled his pants down around his knees and ordered him to bend over the back of the couch. Without a word, he obediently did as he was instructed.

I wanted to see if this was just a fantasy for him or something he really wanted to live out, so I decided the best way to figure that out was to test his limit and see how far he let me go. So, I folded the belt over and proceeded to lay into his ass with it. I figured if it was simply a fantasy he would stop me after a few strokes. If it was something he truly craved, then he would endure much more. After about 30 strokes of the belt, he was blubbering and his ass was red and welted, but he did not assert any kind of control. He seemed resigned to my control, which convinced me he was in it for the long haul.

Once I stood him up, I gave him a hug and asked him if this was the life he wanted to live. His face was puffy and he was still blubbering, so he simply nodded his consent. I sent him to sit at the kitchen table, with his pants still around his knees, and make me a complete list of everything we were going to need to make our new lifestyle possible. This served as an additional punishment as well as a good way for me to figure out exactly what aspects of the domestic scene he had interest.

The list was actually fairly surprising. On the list were some of the things I just assumed he wouldn’t list, like a strap-on dildo, butt plug and enema set. Even more surprising was the long list of baby supplies like adult diapers, baby bottles, pacifiers and such. It turns out my husband was quite the kinkster and I had a lot to learn. After reading through the list, I sent Tony shopping to buy all the things on the list. While he was gone, I read his magazines a little more intently to try and pick up some of the nuances of being a domestic disciplinarian.

Things were a little weird for both of us at first, but we soon found a groove and Tony became a very obedient husband. I spank him regularly and whenever he has the audacity to argue with me, I put him in diapers for a few days. If he fails to satisfy me sexually, I pull out the large strap-on dildo he chose for me and use it on him until he’s sore. Then he gets another chance to satisfy me.

Earlier today, he neglected to clean the garage as he was instructed and he actually tried to insist I never told him to clean it. So after a session with the hairbrush, I taped him into an extra thick diaper and sent him to clean it with no pants. He messed his diaper shortly after he started, but he’s not getting a diaper change until he’s finished. I think eight hours in a very messy diaper will teach him a lesson. That diaper rash he’s developing is really going to sting when I spank him for not cleaning well enough.

In closing, I would like to suggest to all the women out there that they find a submissive domestic man of their own. Punishing and training them is a fair share of work, but once they’re trained it’s truly a wonderful thing.

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