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Paid Diaper Girls by Dominic

April 29, 2013

Hi DaddyJ,

I saw your poll asking “Are non-ABDL models acceptable?” and noticed that the number one response is “Yes. It’s more of a punishment if they aren’t ABDL.” This inspired me to write a little something about my own experiences. You see, I am a 52 year old professional man with an amazing job at one of the largest software companies in the world. My job pays very well and I use my large disposable income to enjoy my fetish the best that I can. Like you, I very much enjoy the diaper domination of young women.

For years I searched for that special diaper girl to be my soulmate, but it just never happened. At one point I thought I found her, but she only pretended to be ABDL because she was attracted to my money. That fact upset me more than I thought it would and I became very jaded. Every excuse I could find to punish her was taken to the extreme and it chased her away. Before you think I overreacted and chased her away, there was much more involved that I would rather not explain in this letter.

At this point I realized that I rather enjoyed using diaper punishment on a woman that had no desire to be treated that way. It added a bit of depth to the dynamic. Taking a chance, I decided to post an ad on Craigslist. The ad was short and simply read…

“Dominant man seeks submissive diaper girls for fun times.
Payment available. No sex required.
For full details, send a photo and letter of interest.
We will work out compensation from there.”

Even though sex was definitely an interest, I didn’t want it to look like I was scanning for prostitutes. That first ad received about thirty responses. About half of them were pretty and received responses from me. I gave full details about what I was looking for in a potential sub girl. Diapers, spanking, enemas, bondage, wet & messy diapers, humiliation, etc. Most of the girls responded that they weren’t interested, but three of them still seemed game. We worked out compensation and then set up times for them to come visit. Two of the girls were only game for a few hours as a test to see if it was for them, so I set them up for Saturday and Sunday of that weekend. The third girl wanted to make more money and we set up a weekend visit the following weekend.

The first girl, Eva, showed up an hour late. We had originally set up a four hour window, which had to be reduced to three hours. The compensation we had worked out was simple. She would be paid $100 an hour plus a $300 bonus if she endured the entire three hours without using her safeword. Unfortunately, she didn’t even make it ten minutes. The first order of business was to punish her for being an hour late, so before I diapered her she needed to be spanked. Her pants and panties were pulled down to her ankles and she was bent over the edge of the dining room table. I removed my belt and gave her four swats before she cried out the safeword and told me she couldn’t do it. She got dressed and I gave her $100 for her time and she left.

The second girl, Jennifer, was also late by almost thirty minutes. We had set up a six hour session and she seemed more excited than nervous. As the day before, a spanking was necessary for being late. I half expected her to cry out the safeword as well, but the spanking seemed to have the exact opposite effect on her. After about forty swats from the belt, she seemed to be somewhat enjoying the spanking. When I asked her about it, she said it still hurt but it was a turn on as well. She also added that for another $100 I could fuck her, as long as I wore a condom. That was impossible to refuse, so I slipped on a condom and fucked her from behind.

After the spanking and fucking, I laid her down on a pair of doubled up Molicare diapers. Lots of lotion all over her diaper area and a liberal sprinkling of baby powder. Then I slipped two suppositories into her ass before taping the diapers up tight. Her wrists were then locked together behind her and she was stood in the corner and told to stay there until I let her out. I turned on the stereo and just sat in my recliner and watched her for a while. About thirty minutes into corner time, she began to squirm a bit as the suppositories really started to kick in. Fifteen minutes after that I heard the unmistakable sound of her filling the diaper. Two loud farts followed by her pushing her ass out while squatting down a bit.

I let her stand in the corner for another 30 minutes before I took her into the nursery for a diaper change. As I strapped her down on the changing table, she told me she wasn’t sure she was done yet. She had tried to get it all out, but she still felt like she needed to go. I figured it was a good time to introduce her to enemas. After cleaning up her very messy diaper, I went to the bathroom to fill the enema bag. It was hung on the hook next to the changing table and then I pulled out the inflatable enema nozzle I had recently purchased. It was lubed up and inserted into her ass and then inflated several times to ensure a tight seal, then released the flow on the enema. She whimpered a bit as the bag emptied, but she didn’t use her safeword.

The nozzle was left in place after the bag was empty just long enough for me to put a new diaper under her ass and powder her up. The nozzle was deflated and slowly removed only to be replaced by a large butt plug. The diaper was then taped up tight. After unstrapping her from the table, I led her by the hand to the kitchen where I sat her in the high chair and locked the tray in place. I set about making lunch as she struggled to find a comfortable position. I made myself a turkey sandwich and gave her three large jars of the most disgusting baby food I could find. She was told that the plug would stay in place until she finished every drop. It was quite enjoyable to watch her eat the baby food. The faces she made almost made me laugh. Regardless of the taste, she scarfed them down rather quickly. When she pointed out that the jars were empty, I told her I was still eating and would remove the plug when I was finished.

After finishing my lunch, I let her out of the high chair. Reaching down into the back of her diaper, I pulled the plug from her ass. Then I gave her a choice. I told her if she could make me cum with a blowjob before she filled her diaper, I would let her use the toilet instead. She agreed and got down on her knees and sucked my cock right into her mouth. She gave an amazing blowjob, but I had just cum 90 minutes before and it wasn’t going to come quickly. About five minutes into the blowjob, she lost control and filled her diaper. She pulled away in failure when it happened, but I told her not to stop or she would be punished. It was a huge turn on to have a girl filling her diaper while sucking my dick and it only took a couple minutes before I came again.

The rest of her visit was a bit more laid back. I changed her diaper and put her in a onesie. Then I gave her a pacifier and we cuddled up on the couch to watch some television. About half an hour before the end of our session, she told me she wet her diaper, so I pulled her over my knee and gave her a good hand spanking with her wet diaper pulled down to her knees. We made out a little after that and then time was up. She did an awesome job and I paid her well. I even doubled the bonus because it was so much fun. She has come back half a dozen times since and usually spends the weekend.

The third girl was game for everything and insisted that she didn’t want a safeword. It turned out she was something of a self-proclaimed pain slut and loved every humiliating thing I did to her. It was definitely a turn on, but it wasn’t the same as punishing someone that really didn’t enjoy it. She has returned several times, but I don’t pay her very much because it’s just as much an adventure for her as it is for me.

This all started about six years ago and I have hired a couple dozen girls since. About half of them don’t make it through the first hour, but the ones that go the distance are a ton of fun. I wrote this letter because, for me, the real excitement is the idea that the girls aren’t really into it. When I first joined your site I was a bit disappointed that you were so adamant about only hiring real ABDL girls. It didn’t turn me away, but I have to try to ignore that part of it. It was quite a relief to me(and probably others) when you announced that you would be hiring non-ABDL girls.

Other than that one small critique, I love your site. I’ve gotten a lot of ideas from the videos I watch here. Please keep it up.

Yours, Dominic

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  1. I have hired girls on Craigslist myself, but it has never worked so well for me. Maybe I need to give it another shot.

  2. Hi for me the scenario would be that I would be woken up to a couple of suppositories then diapered. They we would have breakfast and you would keep questioning me if the suppositories are working and how uncomfortable are they and how I have to hold them in till we are done breakfast and I wash the dishes (the two suppositories are considered my anal breakfast). Then I have to poop in my diaper in the living room while you are watching TV. You then sit and enjoy while I soak in my messy diaper. you then change me and clean me up and before diapering me again you pump some air into my anus and tell me this will help me get rid of suppository left overs in my butt. I complain because the pumping was painful so you tell me that I really need and give me a paddle session so that I remember not to complain again. I then go clean the house while you prepare our lunch. You tell me that while cleaning if at any point I want to let out gas I have to come to you and ask you “can I please fart, daddy?” and if you say yes I have to do it in front of me. you say no every time I ask you because you want my cleaning up time more challenging. right before sitting down to eat lunch you let me let the gas out. I apologize to you for being really gassy. you tell me it is ok and a good enema will take care of my problem (this enema would be my anal lunch). To be continued..

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