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September 2017 #1

September 8, 2017

1. Summer has made a bit of a mess in the nursery. Wearing double thick diapers with two stuffers, she waddles around the room cleaning up her mess and making the bed.

2. Lolly and Muffin are bored and we all know that bored girls get into trouble. Taking advantage of a napping Muffin, Lolly begins to rub herself against the giant teddy bear as she attempts to reach orgasm. Muffin wakes up and decides it looks like fun, joining Lolly in humping her own teddy bear. Before long, Lolly is helping Muffin orgasm by rubbing her through the thick, wet diaper.

3. Summer got into some trouble at school, so her teacher has put her in a diaper for detention. When he catches her playing on her phone, instead of studying, he makes her write lines on the board without her skirt to hide the thick diaper.

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