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September 2017 #2

September 15, 2017

Update number two for the month of September, 2017. Enjoy! 🙂

1. Taylor has been suspended from school and her teachers have cited her immaturity and lack of self control for the punishment. Her mother has ran out of patience and sends Taylor to Miss Alisha for two weeks of diaper discipline. At first, Taylor thinks it’s a joke, but when Miss Alisha lays her down on the changing table and strips off her pants, she knows it’s for real. Hiding her face, as her diaper is fastened, Taylor can barely refrain from crying. Once the babyish diaper is in place, Miss Alisha puts her down for a nap and warns her to stay put and keep quiet.

When she is woken, she feels a building pressure in her bladder and asks to use the bathroom. Miss Alisha insists she is wearing her bathroom and puts her to work on the homework that must be finished before returning to school. Only fifteen minutes later, Taylor’s bladder wins out and she humiliatingly soaks the baby printed diaper she is wearing. Her embarrassment is increased when Miss Alisha returns and checks her diaper by placing her hand directly on her crotch and butt. Without being changed, she is taken to the kitchen for lunch.

During lunch, Taylor refused to eat the eggplant that was placed on her plate. Not taking no for an answer, Miss Alisha takes her back to the nursery and removes her wet diaper. Then, it’s time for a trip over her knee for a good, long spanking. After having her ass reddened, Taylor is once again put up onto the changing table and diapered yet again. Taylor contemplates the reality that she still has two weeks of this to look forward to.

2. Alisha is once again in trouble for back talking and having a foul mouth. Daddy gives her a double dose of nasty castor oil and puts her to bed in the crib. Going to bed before 8pm, she isn’t even remotely tired and spends the first couple hours bored and playing with the crib toys.

In the middle of the night, the castor oil kicks in and she can feel the desperate need to move her bowels. The cramps grow and grow, prompting her to risk punishment by trying to escape from the locked crib. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have the key and the top is too high to climb out safely.

Later in the night, the cramps have built up too much. Alisha tries to relieve the pressure by releasing a little gas, but loses control and fills her double thick diapers. Over and over, for several hours, she experiences the extreme diarrhea caused by the castor oil. By the time it’s over, she is exhausted and falls asleep face down in the crib. Too tired to wake up, she even manages to fill her diaper a little more without waking up.

3. Lolly is standing in the corner after she has made a fellow classmate wet their pants. When Muffin realizes the teacher has left them alone for a while, she decides it is time for payback. Lolly is shifting around in the corner doing a pee-pee dance. Muffin sees an opportunity and tickles Lolly until a wet spot clearly appears in her shorts. Upon the teachers return, Lolly is chastised for wetting herself and ends up in a diaper too.

4. Summer is wearing a soaking wet diaper as she colors on the floor. Her bladder is once again full, so she spreads her legs and lets it loose – enjoying the warm feeling as it soaks into the diaper and makes it thicker and squishier. Getting up on her knees, she plays with her droopy diaper as it sags and sways between her thighs. There is nothing quite like a warm, wet diaper.

5. Once again, Alisha got caught trying to sneak to the bathroom. Daddy put her in extra thick cloth diapers and locking plastic pants. Her diaper will not be changed for 24 hours, plus she has to write ten pages of lines promising not to sneak to the bathroom again. All that’s on her mind now is the cramps building in her hands and the hopes that she doesn’t develop diaper rash.

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