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September 2017 #4

September 30, 2017

This update, we would like to introduce a brand new diaper girl – Pastel! Please make her feel welcome. 🙂

1. Taylor has been sent to Pastel for a bit of babysitting. Her mommy thinks she has been acting a bit immature lately, so Pastel is going to teach her a lesson. After demanding that she lie down for a diapering, Taylor refuses and Pastel takes her over her knee for a firm spanking. When Taylor finally acquiesces, she is placed on the changing table and put into a thick, babyish diaper.

2. Pookie loves to color and she will do it anywhere, anytime. Today, she is wearing the awesome new Rearz Rebel diaper and a halloween inspired onesie from Onesies Down Under. Focused on her coloring, she makes such an adorable sight.

3. Alisha is locked in the pillory for an enema. Daddy pulls down her diaper just enough to slide the nozzle right into her butt. Releasing the flow elicits a groan from Alisha, as the soapy water fills her up. After removing the nozzle, he tells her to hold it, but after only twenty minutes she loses control and fills the diaper to capacity. In short order, a sizable load can be seen pressing against the plastic constraints of the diaper.

4. After repeatedly pouting and acting like a brat, Summer is pulled into the nursery for a spanking and a diaper. After turning her butt bright pink, Daddy puts her in a disposable diaper with plenty of powder. Diaper punishment isn’t going to get her out of her responsibilities, however, so she tries on multiple outfits to find one that does a decent job of hiding the thick diaper.

5. Pastel is wearing a thick Rearz Safari diaper as she colors on the floor. Her adorable little butt on full display as she carefully tries to stay within the lines.

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