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September 2018 #1

September 7, 2018

First update for September 2018. Adorable diaper girls for your enjoyment!

1. Muffin is being naughty and starts masturbating with the magic wand while the camera is running. Things go south fast for her when her daddy catches her. With the camera still running, she gets her butt spanked and put into a thick diaper. After putting his little girl back into diapers, he cuddles her and rubs her pussy through the diaper before telling her to go to sleep.

2. Alisha is reading a book in bed when the cramps start. She knows she needs to move her bowels, but Daddy won’t be home for hours so she is determined to hold back as long as possible. Unfortunately, the high fiber Daddy has her on makes that difficult. Within a few minutes, she loses the battle and fills her diaper. Now she just needs to deal with the stench until Daddy gets home to change her diaper.

3. Mia is wearing an adorably thick diaper as she dances along to the music while coloring on the whiteboard. An awesome video from the cutest little thing in diapers.

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