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September 2018 #2

September 18, 2018

Diapered Online second update of September 2018. This week, we have three amazing diaper girls – Alisha, Muffin and Mia. Enjoy!

1. Alisha is told to put her pajamas on for bed and given a few minutes to finish coloring before Daddy comes back to get her in bed. The first pair of pajamas she puts on have a busted zipper, which Daddy discovers when he comes back, so he gives her another pair instead. After changing into a pair of red PJs, she climbs up in the crib and is tucked in. Daddy raises the rail and tells her good night before leaving the room.

2. Muffin smokes a cigarette after her nap, but is caught by her Daddy. After unsuccessfully arguing it was the cat, Muffin gets a few swats and cuddles as her daddy explains why smoking is bad.

3. Another day in jail. I really should learn to behave. This time, the guard diapers me after doing a strip search. I desperately need to empty my bowels, but I held it for so long my colon is impacted and the constipation is severe. The guard helps me out with a syringe full of fast acting laxatives, which he squeezes into my ass. It only takes a few minutes before I lose control and fill the diaper. Talk about humiliating!

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