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Shaping of my Diaper Fetish – by Tani

March 13, 2019

I see a lot of stories from other ABDLs and I feel like my own story is lame by comparison. Regardless, I thought I would share it with you for entrance into your monthly contest.

I’m not actually sure when my diaper fetish was triggered. Like many, I was a bed wetter until my mid-teens and wore diapers to bed, but was otherwise a normal girl. It never occurred to me that I enjoyed the diapers until the wetting stopped and I missed them. I wore diapers to bed all the way through puberty and the first few times I masturbated was in a diaper. There were a couple of embarrassing moments during those years that I think may have impacted my fetish though.

The first incident was when I was twelve. My aunt usually watched me when my mom went out on the weekends, but on one of those rare occasions my aunt went with her, she hired a girl from down the street. At twelve, I was mostly allowed to be home alone but not at night. The girl was in high school and probably seventeen years old. Mom told me I should get ready for bed before she arrived, but it was only 7pm and I refused. When the girl showed up, Mom gave her all the information she needed and then asked her to make sure I was wearing my “special underwear” before I went to bed. Embarrassed, I stared her down and tried to get her to stop talking, but she just stared at me like I should have done as she asked before. The girl was obviously confused, so Mom explained that I wet the bed and had to sleep in a diaper.

At that point, I got angry and screamed that I hated her and stormed off to my room. That was a mistake, because she followed right behind me – picking up my own belt off the dresser and whipping my ass about a dozen times. Then, for the first time since I was ten, she grabbed one of my diapers from the closet and diapered me on the bed. To make matters worse, she dragged me back to the living room wearing only a shirt and diaper and made me stand in the corner. She told the babysitter that I needed to stay put until 8pm and then I had to go to bed. I usually stayed up until 10pm on the weekends, so my punishment was to be spanked, diapered in front of the babysitter, stand in the corner for an hour and then go to bed early. After Mom left, the babysitter just watched television and then told me it was bedtime at 8pm. I quietly went off to my bedroom and cried myself to sleep.

The second incident happened at fourteen. My uncle built a huge fort out of plywood in his backyard and I was invited to have a campout with my two cousins and their friends. I didn’t want to at first, but Mom had plans and I wasn’t given much of a choice. This time when she suggested I should get ready for bed early, I did as she suggested. Wearing an Attends diapers and flannel pajamas with a long shirt, I showed up with a sleeping bag ready to campout. Unfortunately, my cousins were well aware of my diapers and had told their friends all about it. About half an hour after all the adults went into the house, two of their friends yanked off my pants and exposed my diaper to everyone. I ran into the house crying from humiliation with my diaper on full display. My uncle went out to deal with the girls and my aunt decided that I needed to sleep in the house away from the other kids.

The third incident happened when I was sixteen. I had stopped wetting on accident about a year earlier, but kept wetting on purpose often enough to keep diapers as part of my nightly routine. At this point, I was well aware of my diaper fetish and would often keep the diaper on under my clothes for a good portion of the day. One time, I was wearing during the day and didn’t bother to cover up. Mom was gone and wasn’t going to be home until dinner time, so I figured it was safe to run around the house in a diaper. Well, I fell asleep playing video games and was woken up by Mom while laying in my bean bag chair in a soaking wet diaper.

She asked me why I was wearing a diaper during the day. Thinking fast, I told her I wasn’t feeling well and took a nap, so figured I should wear it while sleeping just in case. I pointed out how wet the diaper was as my case in point. She seemed to accept my answer, but also seemed skeptical. I still wonder how much she knew about my fetish, but it’s not a subject I’ll ever bring up.

Aside from those incidents, I was never humiliated for wearing diapers. There was no fantasy fulfillment involved. Just a mother doing what she deemed best for her bed wetting son. The only time I was ever purposely humiliated by her was when it was a situation I brought on myself and in surroundings she controlled.

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  1. I had similar experiences. My mom didn’t think kids needed any privacy and would talk about my bedwetting openly in front of anyone. When I brought my first girlfriend home at 14, she jokingly commented that she wouldn’t need to worry about catching us in my bed due to the diapers I wore every night for bedwetting. It was the most embarrassing moment of my childhood.

  2. Thank you for sharing. I love reading other people’s histories. Especially when they aren’t wild exaggerations.

  3. during my teen years my mommy kept me as her sissy diaper boy to keep me from dating girls.. she figured no girl would date a sissy boy in diapers and she was right.. I got teased all the time because I had to dress that way at school too..

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