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Short Session with Diaper Girl Addie

May 28, 2010

Had yet another great session with Addie. We agreed to meet at my house on Saturday at 6pm. At 6:18 Addie rang the doorbell. I invited her in and admonished her for being late. I told her to strip off her clothes and noticed she was not wearing a diaper. She gave me some excuse about not being able to afford them, but I have no patience for excuses.

She needed to be punished, so I had her follow me into the play room where I locked her into the pillory. Once her neck and wrists were secured in the pillory, I placed a ball gag into her mouth to make sure she didn’t make too much noise during her punishment. Next, I grabbed a medium sized butt plug off the shelf and lubed it up. As I slowly inserted it into her ass, I explained that the plug was necessary to ensure the diaper girl didn’t make a mess during her punishment. I also explained to her that she would be receiving 30 strokes of my belt for not being diapered and another 18 for being late – one for each minute.

Once the plug was firmly seated in her ass, I grabbed a leather belt from the shelf and gave her five of the hardest strokes I could muster. She was squirming from the pain, but I knew she could take it so I proceeded with the rest of her 48 strokes, though not as hard as the first five. I could tell she needed a break, so I taped a diaper around her waist and left her in the pillory for another 45 minutes.

When I returned, she was clearly cramping up a bit from standing in a bent over position in the pillory. Regardless of her discomfort, I felt it necessary that she show me that she respected me and would work hard to please me. So, I pulled off the diaper and removed the plug from her ass. It was quickly replaced with an inflatable enema butt plug nozzle, which was inflated several times to make a tight seal. My 2qt enema bag was filled with warm water, attached to the nozzle and allowed to flow into her ass. Once the bag was empty I told her to make sure it didn’t leak as I removed the nozzle and taped a nice thick disposable diaper snugly around her waist. I then removed the ball gag from her mouth and released her from the pillory.

I led her to the couch and placed her on her knees in front of me as I sat on the couch. I pulled out my cock and told her if she swallowed my cum before she made a mess of her diaper, I would forgive her and allow her to use the toilet. If she failed, then she would be showing me her lack of respect and would spend the rest of the evening in that dirty diaper and would be sent home in it as well. Surprisingly, she managed to stem the flow until after she had satisfied me, but when she stood up to race to the bathroom she lost whatever control she had and filled her diaper. So, rather than allow her use of the toilet, I insisted she wear it until I was ready to change her. I had her doing menial chores in that messy diaper for a couple of hours until I decided to send her home. Of course, I changed her into a clean diaper before sending her on her way. =)

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