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Supportive Mother by Matt

April 17, 2010

Did anyone else actually have a supportive parent that accepted your desire to be babied/diapered? I ask because my teen years seem to have been significantly different than the stories I tend to read here.

Like most, I was very secretive of my desire to be babied and diapered. I had a hidden stash of baby diapers and stories I had written and would enjoy them occasionally when I had time alone. I was an average sized teenager, so the baby diapers I had were a bit small. I would use folded over duct tape to fasten them into an odd shaped diaper.

When I was 14, my mother decided to do some spring cleaning while I was at school and found my stash hidden under the bottom drawer of my dresser. She left it sitting on my bed, so when I got home I knew she had found it. I was incredibly embarassed and couldn’t bring myself to leave my room and face my mother. It wasn’t until she called me down for dinner that I had no choice but to face her.

My face turned beet red when I walked into the kitchen and sat down. After setting my plate in front of me, she straight out asked about the box of stuff in my dresser. Tears started rolling down my face and she quickly assured me I wasn’t in trouble. She simply wanted to know how I felt about it all. After a good bit of coaxing, I finally admitted that I liked to wear diapers and act like a baby some times. She insisted things like this were perfectly natural and I didn’t need to hide it from her, because she wanted nothing more than for me to be happy.

After dinner, we went to the ice cream parlor for desert, but the big surprise came when she stopped at the drug store and told me to wait in the car. She came out a few minutes later with a bag of small Depends. She put them on the front seat between us and simply told me that I would be happier with diapers that fit correctly. When we got home, she told me to take them up to my room and wear them whenever I wanted. She also told me if I needed any help, to just ask.

I sat in my room trying to convince myself to open the bag and put one on, but the embarassment was still too strong. A short while later, my mom walked into my room and asked if I wanted to watch a movie. She seemed to notice my dilemma as she sat down next to me and assured me once again it was alright. I was overwhelmed and began to cry again. She gave me a big hug and then turned around and opened the bag of diapers. She told me to lie down as she removed one of the teenaged sized diapers from the bag. As if she had been doing it for years, she stripped me from the waste down and placed the diaper under my butt. Next she grabbed the baby powder from my stash and sprinkled it all over my crotch before pulling the diaper into place and taping it up. She then grabbed one of the pacifiers from stash and placed it in my mouth before leading me by the hand down the stairs to watch a movie.

Over the next few years, I wore diapers whenever I felt the desire arise. If I asked, she was more than willing to diaper me and treat me like a two year old. She was exceptionally supportive of my desires and never once gave me grief about it. Even now, she has a stash of diapers and such in the guest room for when I visit.

Because of my mother’s understanding and openness, I was able to share my desires with my college sweetheart, who I later married. She was also very understanding and is more than willing to participate occasionally. It’s a great experience to be able to be yourself around the two people you love the most.

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  1. nice to have someone who is willing to work with you. people should understand and help these people enjoy themselves

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