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Surname Lead to my Fetish

September 9, 2016

My story is probably the oddest origin story ever. You see, my last name is Hughes. I don’t mind giving out that information since it’s a VERY common surname. In my freshman year, I tripped and fell in class and slammed my shoulder into the teacher’s desk. I cried – loudly. The kids in the class laughed at me and by lunch time my last name was distorted from Hughes to Huggies and everyone kept calling me a crybaby and asking if my Huggies needed changed. Because I had always been something of a loner, the teasing didn’t stop and only spread. Within a few weeks, it was just common for everyone in the school to call me either Crybaby, Huggies or Diaper Boy.

It really sucked to be bullied so badly. Teachers tried to stop it, but it had no real effect. When one boy got detention for calling me names, he decided that I was to blame for his punishment. A few days later, him and a few of his friends surrounded me and pushed me into the bathroom. I was handed a baby diaper and told to strip down and put it on or they would put me in the hospital. I cried and begged them to stop, but they didn’t and in a few moments I was dressed only in a diaper that was way too small. One of the boys wrapped masking tape around the top several times to keep it in place. Then they paraded me down the hall until a teacher saw what was happening. They all ran off (with my clothes) and the teacher escorted me to the nurse’s office. The nurse gave me some clothes to wear out of the lost and found and called my mom to pick me up.

My mom kept me home for a week, because I was too scared to go to school. I only went back when I found out that three of those boys were expelled. It didn’t matter much though. I was still the crybaby Huggies diaper boy to everyone in the school and now they had new ammo to use against me. The messed up thing is that I actually found that I liked the attention. I felt like a celebrity and the humiliation and embarrassment actually got me sexually excited. It still sucked and I would have given anything to make it stop, but it was also so stimulating at the same time.

I started having dreams about being put back into diapers and paraded around the school. I would fantasize that I would try to fight back and the cute vice principal would pull me to her office by my ear and paddle my ass for it. As time went by, my fantasies got more and more detailed and I began to fantasize about wetting and messing my diaper in front of the class. Having my diaper changed on the teacher’s desk in front of everyone.

When I was 16, I found some larger diapers that almost fit me. The tabs would stretch far enough to fasten, but I had to add tape to make them stay in place. I would wear them under my clothes to school and secretly hoped someone would pull down my pants or notice what I was wearing. At 17, during my senior year, the internet was just beginning to become a thing and I found other people online with the same interests. Up to that point I had assumed I was the only one in the world. From there I learned about adult diapers and I went straight to the drug store and bought a package of Attends.

The first time I put one on, I orgasmed as soon as the diaper touched my penis. It was an odd sensation, but I loved it. The next day I wore one under my clothes to school. I was paranoid about being noticed, but I wore underwear over it and my loosest jeans over that. It wasn’t visibly noticeable at all, but as soon as I walked into a quiet classroom I could hear the crinkling. I had to walk very deliberately to muffle the sound and I tried to move as little as possible during class. But then I found myself daydreaming in class that the teacher would call me to the chalkboard and everyone would hear the diaper.

Today, I am in my late 30s and I have a lovely wife that plays dominant mommy for me a great deal of the time. It was weird for her at first, but when she realized that being dominant meant she had control in our relationship, she jumped on board wholeheartedly. I couldn’t be happier.

*Hughes, the Crybaby Huggies Diaper Boy*

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  1. Reminds me of the first time I decided to wear a diaper to school under my pants. Apparently the top of the diaper was sticking out a little and I didn’t notice. Others did though and I got pants’ed in the middle of the lunch room. After that, I was referred to as diaper boy.

  2. I know How you feel I’m a loner too was but divorced I’m 57 I keep using my underware like til I was 50 went adult diapers no one know expect a few I trust plus I am a Christian How you are you a Christian if so you are my brother like Jesus who suffered died for me Hope to know you more .

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