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Tony’s Diaper Fetish Exposed

January 19, 2018

I wrote this story based on real events that happened to me. It’s a story of diaper discipline at the hands of my mother, but I feel it’s easier to write it like a story, rather than a letter. Please note that this is about as accurate as I can get. Obviously, I don’t remember every word spoken verbatim, but the vast majority of it really did happen.

Tony was 14 when his mother discovered his stash of diaper fetish material. The box was filled with baby diapers that had been taped together four at a time to fit his medium frame. There were also copies of Penthouse Letters with the diaper fetish stories dog-eared and about a dozen hand-written stories that Tony had written himself, detailing his own specific fantasies.

His mother, Brenda, was beside herself with anger. Being 1985, it was still very common for parents to expect their sons to be macho and strong, but Tony’s fantasies included being made to wear diapers, spanked for minor infractions, spending time in the corner and having his mouth washed out with soap for backtalk.

Much the way she had broken her oldest son of smoking by making him smoke an entire pack in front of her, she decided that she was going to do the same with Tony and his perverted diaper fetish. So, she bought some adult sized diapers from the medical supply store and confronted Tony when he got home from school.

He tried to deny it at first, but she knew better. Following along with the fantasies in his story, she made him bend over the table and yanked down his pants. Then she wailed on him with his own leather belt. She spanked him harder than she ever had before and he was a blubbering mess by the time she finished. It was the first time she had ever spanked him bare assed and the belt left bruises and welts all over his bottom and thighs.

After his spanking, she made him stand in the corner with his pants around his ankles for almost an hour. He sobbed like a baby the entire time, which only angered her more. When she let him out of the corner, she dragged him to his room by the ear as he shuffled along as fast as he could, nearly tripping over his own pants several times.

He tried to pull away when he saw the huge diaper waiting for him on the bed. As much as he had fantasized about it, the reality was more humiliation than he could bear. When he refused to let her drag him to his bed, she started smacking him across the face with her hand until he relented. She pulled off his pants and underwear, but left his shoes and socks on.

As she taped up the diaper, he bawled his eyes out and she kept calling him a big baby and thanking god that his father was no longer alive to see his son in baby diapers. She didn’t stop with just one diaper – she added a second and a third to make it extra thick. This was not some fetish trick, like many ABDLs employ these days. This was her attempt to make the diaper as thick as possible to humiliate him.

After his diapering, she pulled a pacifier from his stash and stuck in his mouth – telling him to keep it there or she would blister his butt again. She twisted his ear again and dragged him out of the room and right out the front door. The diapers were too thick to walk correctly and he waddled next to his mother as she seemed intent on ripping off his ear.

At the end of the driveway, she let go of his ear and grabbed his wrist, but continued walking down the sidewalk. It was only an hour after school, so the neighborhood kids were out in force and they all stared at him. Brenda kept telling the other kids that this is what happens when you act like a baby. It was better than telling everyone this was his secret fetish, but he was still utterly humiliated by the exposure.

She dragged him three blocks down the road to her friend’s house and made Tony sit on the front porch while she went inside. Several kids came to talk to him and tease him, but he just hid his face in his hands and ignored them. After about three hours, his mother came back outside and dragged him back home for dinner.

That night, she made him wear the triple thick diapers to bed and refused to let him use the toilet. He had peed multiple times by morning. She admonished him for his perverted desires and asked him if he still wanted to wear diapers and be treated like a toddler. He told her no and she let him remove the diapers.

After that, he made a concerted effort to appear more masculine in front of his mother. He hid all of his diaper fetish stuff in the crawlspace above his closet, where he knew she would never look. She was too afraid of spiders to even open the tiny door.

He got teased a lot after that, but he did a bit of damage control by saying it was his punishment for beating up two other kids and making them piss themselves. The meeker kids were too afraid of him after that to tease him and the kids that weren’t afraid of him were suddenly fearful they would get the same punishment if they picked on him too much.

At 18, Tony moved into a large house with several roommates. It wasn’t ideal for privacy, but it allowed him to get through college. Of course, having a degree allowed him to get a good job, so he could afford all the diapers and baby gear his heart desired.

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  1. Sounds like a dream come true. I experienced diaper punishment in my teen years, but it was much more subdued. I wet the bed until I was 15 and my mom made me wear diapers to bed. She would tease me about it often, but never in public.

  2. Oh man. When my mom found my diaper stash, she just rolled her eyes. The only two times she ever mentioned it again was when I had to give up my room to my aunt and uncle during the holidays. She told me “make sure all your weird diaper stuff is well hidden”. Then again when I was twenty and she told me she thought I’d outgrow it when I got a boyfriend. Little does she know, my boyfriend wears diapers too. lol

  3. as a bedwetter my mom bought me diapers to sleep in. that was mostly the extent of it until I was 15 and she found out I had been faking my bedwetting for several years because I had a diaper fetish. she pulled the ‘be careful what you wish for’ card and made me wear a diaper to her friends house where her kids teased me until I cried. I told her I lost interest but it only made me more interested. I love humiliation but not when my mom is involved.

    1. Similar story here. My mom didn’t take me anywhere though. Just made me stand in the corner in a diaper until my dad got home and I had to explain to him all the ABDL and diaper stuff hidden in my closet.

  4. my mom diaper punished me when she found out I was abdl.. she said if I want to act like a baby she will treat me like one and she put me in a diaper that didn’t fit and she had to buy bambino diapers.. she said the baby print was fit for me and showed my diapers to all my friends and family I was so embarrassed and was on diaper punishment for three years..

  5. My diaper fetish was exposed when my brother went through my room looking for a video game he thought I hid from him – in reality, he left at his friend’s house and forgot.

    Anyway, he found my hidden stash of baby diapers and stories I wrote. He teased me about it for years and told everyone that would listen. My mom kept telling him to stop, but he kept doing it.

    1. Dude, my brother found my stash as well. I had it hidden in the wall even. Asshole was a bit too good at searching apparently. He told my mom about it but I told her he was lying and just trying to get me in trouble. She asked where all the stuff came from and I insisted he probably found it somewhere and thought it would be funny to claim it was mine. I doubt she bought it but she acted like she did.

      1. My aunt found my stash when I lived with her at 19. I tried to claim it was a medical problem, but then she pointed out the assortment of ABDL diapers and I knew my cover was blown. She told me it was cute and insisted she wasn’t going to judge me. Still felt super weird around her after that because I felt like she was constantly trying to figure out if I was wearing a diaper under my clothes.

    2. my sister found my diapers and teased me about it. we were really close though and she promised not to tell our parents. she liked to make comments that seemed innocent to others but would make me cringe. one time at thanksgiving my cousin brought her newborn baby. my sister asked my mom if I wore cloth or disposable diapers. everyone there assumed she meant as a baby and struck up a conversation about diapers. but she gave me a little smirk to let me know she meant presently.

  6. OMG I remember Penthouse Letters! That was actually how I first learned that diaper fetish was a thing that people other than me had. I literally thought I was the only person in the world that fantasized about diaper punishment and being forced to wear diapers.

    The first Penthouse Letters I got came in a bundle pack with a regular Penthouse magazine. It was on the shelf at the local convenience store and I just put it on the counter and hoped they wouldn’t check my ID, since I was sixteen. The cashier just rang it up and took my money.

    I didn’t actually care about the letters at first, because I preferred to look at pictures. But then I saw a letter titled “Diapered and Dominated” and it was all about a guy whose wife kept him in diapers after she found out about his fetish. That discovery literally changed my life. lol

    1. I absolutely remember that letter! There was a part where he talks about asking for a diaper change and she just rubs her bare foot against the crotch of his wet diaper, right?

      1. That’s the one. I still get hard just thinking about that scene. The only thing that would make it better is if it was a disposable diaper. He wrote about wearing cloth diapers and plastic pants.

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