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Trina’s Diaper Punishment Tidbits – by Trina

January 28, 2013

I asked Trina if she would be willing to share some specific stories of her relationship and diaper punishment of her diapered sissy husband. This is her response.


Hey MrWashington,

Absolutely. I don’t have a lot of time to write at this time, but will share a couple tidbits about my diapered husband as time allows.

As I said in my first letter, Paul lives the lifestyle of a diapered sissy permanently now. All of my friends and my sister know all about it and love to tease and torment him. My sister specifically loves to torment him, because they have never really been friendly. They have such differing views on politics, that it’s hard for them to meet in the middle. Now that Paul’s situation has changed, she will intentionally start a conversation about something she knows he has a strong opinion about.

A few weeks ago, she brought up the gun control controversy on purpose. She is very much in favor of strong gun control and Paul is against any form of gun control. He held his tongue for a while, but she kept pressing those buttons and he eventually lost control and started arguing his case. Her response to everything he said was “Shut up diaper boy” or “What do sissy boys know about guns?”. After a few minutes of that, he broke down and called her an ignorant cunt. He immediately regretted it, knowing he would be punished. My sister, on the other hand, was smiling from ear to ear.

Since she was the victim of his outburst, she helped me to punish him. We put the leather cuffs on his wrists and ankles and bound him to the table bent at the waist. His diaper was clean, so we pulled it down far enough to expose his ass and I inserted a medium sized plug. I grabbed the leather belt and my sister grabbed the oak paddle. I gave him about forty or fifty lashes with the belt as his punishment, then turned it over to my sister to get an apology out of him. After five strokes of the paddle he was crying and apologetic, but she insisted the paddling would continue until he told her she was right and that guns should be illegal. He refused to submit until about swat number thirty. His ass was bruised badly and he was bawling freely.

I rubbed lotion on his ass and then left him there for an hour to contemplate his punishment. Obviously he hasn’t changed his views, but my sister was quite happy with the result of his punishment.

Another tidbit that comes to mind happened shortly after we started this phase of our life. My friend Stephanie was already well aware of Paul’s situation at this point, but asked to come visit and introduce her new boyfriend. When they showed up, she made a point of trying to embarrass Paul in front of her boyfriend. Her boyfriend, however, just sat there meekly blushing. After visiting for about an hour, she suddenly turned to her boyfriend and said “I think you would look cute in diapers and sissy dresses. You want to be a diapered sissy like Pauly?”

He turned beet red and she explained that he was very submissive and she thought it would be fun to threaten to keep him in diapers. She kept prodding him until it looked like he was going to have a panic attack. Then she pulled down his pants and spanked him right there. She asked to borrow a diaper and taped it on him, then made him stand in the corner with his diapered ass on display and his pants around his ankles. We continued our visit for another hour and then they left. It took them a few minutes to get his pants up over the diaper, but they managed.

They are still together, but diapers haven’t made another appearance in their relationship as far as I know. He is not a lifestyle submissive. Just mostly in the bedroom and occasionally in situations that allow it. She has spanked him a couple times at my house, but it’s all very hush hush to the rest of our friends.

I hope you enjoyed these tidbits. I will write more as time permits. Thanks again for the wonderful web site.

Trina – Wife of a Diapered Sissy

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  1. Even though he’s a big diapered sissy, Paul still enjoy many manly things. Cars, beer and football. As most of you know, yesterday was the super bowl. Paul really wanted to watch the game, but he hadn’t earned it this week. So, I compromised and told him he could watch the super bowl, but every time either team scored he would pull his diaper down and bend over to receive one swat for every point scored from my wooden paddle. He agreed, but I think he was hoping it would be a low scoring game. By the end of the game, his ass was deep red with some nasty purple bruises right in the middle of his ass cheeks. Who would have figured a 65 point game?

  2. do you have a blog or a website where people can follow you and your husbands activities? I have enjoyed reading your stories so i really am curious to know if theres more to read. Im just happy to hear that you and your husband have such a playful lifestyle.

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