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  1. Here is a scene that I would love to do. I arrive at your place, right from work. I’ve been diapered all day as usual, but am totally at ease with being in one. Dressed in a wool A-line skirt, boots, and a wool sweater, I am very warm on this winter evening.

    I sit down and we talk for a while, you asking how my day goes and finally if my diaper is full. I say of course it is full, I have been in it all day long. You ask if I would like to be changed before we go to dinner, and I say that I can stay in it if you like, but a change would be nice.

    You say that you only change messy diapers and that if I wished to be changed, I needed to stand in front of you and let that poop out that has been waiting all day to emerge.

    I hesitate, but oblige, and you film my butt with a noticeable lump growing in there as I fill. Expecting now to be changed, you are sooooo curious about how I would handle this if I pooped during the day. I admit that it does happen, and I have learned to accommodate it pretty well. You mention that you an see a lump, ask me to walk around in front of you, and ask how I hide the lump. I say that if I think it is showing, I find a place to sit down right away.

    YOu ask me to sit across from you and get a close up of my face and body as I ease into the couch, Once seated, I look perfectly content, and you ask if I am comfortable sitting on that load. I say that once it is squished, it is very comfortable and really not very noticeable. You come and sit next to me, and notice that there is no smell, and that you would have no idea what I was sitting on. I say that is due to my taking nolo daily and wearing good diapers, and plastic panties.

    You ask me to stand, and walk in front you you again. You confirm , no smells. You say that you could take me to dinner with that load in my diaper and no one would notice. I say, yes you could, but I was expecting a change.

    I think not, you say. There is a quaint little restaurant just a few blocks away and you want to go to dinner now. You promise that change once we get home.

    My diaper wearing is totally stealth. You need to respect that, as we walk to our dinner place. Filming me is OK but I will not show my diaper in public. I remind you that my diaper is totally full now and that I should not drink any more. You say OK.

    Through dinner, I do pee one more time and we have a nice walk home. At home,you take me over by the fireplace and now I will pull up my skirt to show what is under there. As I undress, and make my way to the bathroom and shower, you show my diaper, even open the back and show what is in there. Im ok with that. Cleaning up in the shower is also OK.

    1. I have always wanted to be a diaper girl. I play by myself in diapers & read your stories. My fantasy is to be trained to wear diapers for daddy & do whatever he wants me to do. I love feeling the thickness of diapers between my legs, it makes me feel secured that my wet pussy won’t leak on my clothes. My pussy gets so wet I’m not sure if that’s normal but it feels so good to have a diaper on to soak up my multiple orgasms. I wish I had a daddy that was accepting & dominant over this wet girl.

  2. No, I am a diaper boy, I would like to spend time in your punishment nursery with a strict mother type.
    Are Daddy types all you have?

    1. I really want to be a diaper boy as well! And I really want to spend sometime at the punishment nursery as well to have a diaper change and someone to change my diaper and wiping my butt!

      1. What’s being straight have to do with it? I’m straight and I think it would be interesting to see a guy in a video. Heck, strap me in a crib, load me up with a liquid diet and an enema, put my cloth diapers and plastic pants on and let the fun begin! You need some variety.

        1. Here’s to not imposing oneself on others by ignoring their interests and instead projecting your own.

          He’s straight and does not desire your push for self-serving variety; I’m straight and I don’t wish to see or play with diaper boys myself.

          This isn’t our problem due to preference, it isn’t discrimination – how about I make some suggestions of things you can do because I want you to add some variety to your life whether you desire to do those things or not.


  3. Hello! I’m a 27 year old female. I’m interested in being a part of your punishment nursery. I would be wearing pull-ups (because I am potty training). I decide to be naughty though, and make a huge poopy in them. So, you lay me down and change me into a diaper (using lots of wipes, and rubbing baby oil and diaper rash cream all over my diaper area) and tell me that I will be treated like a baby from now on. Bottles of formula, baby food, pacifiers, baby clothes, and diapers 24/7 to be used FULLY for all their intended purposes. If I am bad, I will get an enema.

    1. I love being diaper and put in real nice looking adult plastic pants so people can see them when I get dressed in my shorts. I hope I here from you about me being a adult baby.

  4. i want a girlfriend that wears diapers and baby clothes and all the things you can do to me and plus use strapons on me too, if there is any girls that would love to be with me let me know my email is and i’m 33 yrs old and i’m white, and i love to be wet and messy to, and if you have girlfriends that you want to bring over to your house and have them make fun of me and plus i want to be brought out in public too.

  5. Hi for me the scenario would be that I would be woken up to a couple of suppositories then diapered. They we would have breakfast and you would keep questioning me if the suppositories are working and how uncomfortable are they and how I have to hold them in till we are done breakfast and I wash the dishes (the two suppositories are considered my anal breakfast). Then I have to poop in my diaper in the living room while you are watching TV. You then sit and enjoy while I soak in my messy diaper. you then change me and clean me up and before diapering me again you pump some air into my anus and tell me this will help me get rid of suppository left overs in my butt. I complain because the pumping was painful so you tell me that I really need and give me a paddle session so that I remember not to complain again. I then go clean the house while you prepare our lunch. You tell me that while cleaning if at any point I want to let out gas I have to come to you and ask you “can I please fart, daddy?” and if you say yes I have to do it in front of me. you say no every time I ask you because you want my cleaning up time more challenging. right before sitting down to eat lunch you let me let the gas out. I apologize to you for being really gassy. you tell me it is ok and a good enema will take care of my problem (this enema would be my anal lunch). To be continued..

  6. I have ideas of how I expect it to go, but really I want a diaper punishment where the guy makes all the decisions, and I don’t have any say in it. I’m into forced diapering, and being forced to use it. Too bad you are so far away from me πŸ™

  7. Wow. I am new to looking into diaper fetishes. I’m really interested to trying it out. I’ve always had a fantasy of Daddy needing to take care of his sick babygirl. (Since I am new to this, I, in real life, am an anal virgin – never had sex, fingers, or even a temp taking) So i would love it if Daddy could help his baby girl feel better. He takes her temp in her bottom first and then calls the pediatrician and he suggests a rectal exam to make sure I’m not constipated.. Suppositories and enemas follow that.. But Babygirl is very afraid it’s going to hurt because she’s never had anything in her bottom before… but a nice, gentle Daddy could help, don’t you think? I would seriously want to try this out in real life!

    1. I’ll be your daddy, I’m a virgin too, by choice, never found anything good to hold onto,and always new it needed to b someone the same as me c: I live in Ireland, let me know if this would b worth trying, I’m not a weirdo r anything I just take chances

  8. I saw that you usually provide transportation for girls, and that got me interested – but I’m not sure how far away I could be? I’m quite a few states away :/

  9. Hi I’m from Sanborn NY I been in diaper a while love filling them I live alone so right now I filling mind now a little Diarraha now so I live too far to see some of the girls now I like a mommy or sister like me to move in Plus I work at a food store let me know ok o I’m 54 single

  10. hi I just wanted to say I loveee your website and would love to work with you. my names echo im 18 and a webcam model for a living.

  11. Hi a follow up what going with me this week after Easter it was lite one poopy diaper almost did it at work but nothing right home with my diaper nothing yet building up any you girls in the Buffalo area if so hotmail ok I will try fill it you in so you can come over and pooping party if you want can get very messy if you want.

  12. Love to see a very messy diaper on one the girls going in the diaper plus does Nikki come here too I saw movie its was very messy 21 minutes that was awsome to see very messy all over her.

  13. On occasion my wife has to wear diapers mostly at night and on occasion during the day account of her low grade chrons…..I’m not being “that guy” that has the cooliest/sextet girl in all the tri county area…..but at 6 ft and with a skinny shape made from the Lord up above/ I married UP…….one of the rituals we do is to go out and sit on our massive deck/ tiki bar and have coffee or mimosas to set our day. …. this is when she grabs a cigarette and ponders the yonder……..I’ve never had a hard fetish for smoking but I’m hear to tellya……when my wife smokes in a diaper it’s like 2 taboos have taken a flaccid pens and turned me into a waliking Bono fide stiff sergeant! ! Long story short…..would your gorgeous models be willing to wear and smoke for us little folk??

  14. I’m just looking for a diaper playmate. I’m not exactly the daddy type, or the “adult baby” type. Just want to have fun while wearing diapers together like going to a movie, going to shoot pool, bowling, or perhaps just a night out watching the stars together. No sex needed for me.

  15. Why do men comment on here when it specifically says seeking diaper girls?! News flash.. NOBODY ON THIS SITE WANTS TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR DIAPER COVORED PENIS!! Goll..Gosh..Geez!!

  16. Its my dream to be a diaper girl and meet ya’ll!! I’m in New York. I’m just so nervous and shy…and as much as I want to be a diaper girl, I would really need to be helped out making messes..everytime I try I end up just using the toilet.. I love the thought of getting diaper punished….I really really hope some day I can make my dreams come true..

  17. I would love to be a diaper girl but i literately live on the over side of the Continent from you in WA also i like mommys/being a mommy better. If you have any roles that you think i can fill from over here i would love to help.

  18. I’m a diapered lady who has been diapered 24/7… wear to work, shops and gym. Sometimes have to be double diapered if i’m naughty. Love being out and about when I’m asked if I need my diaper changed in public. I’m a spankee and would love to be part of diapered online, but i’m in UK πŸ™ Any advice or contacts?

    1. Love how you want diapers all the time! I’m a male who wants the same! Would live to meet up and maybe go out together diapered up!

    2. Diapered spankee….. I can do and say all those things to and for you…. I am from UK too. I have some fantastic thick and very crinkly disposable nappies for you to wear too. Email me…. if you wish to discuss this further. Im from West Yorkshire, England.

  19. I would love putting you in diapers and baby panties so we would go out and have dinner with both of us wearing diapers and plastic baby pants and get home and change each other.

  20. The power exchange and turning over decisions of something so absolute and so intimate is probably a large part of why a experience, led to a curiosity, which led to an interest and now… well – now, me looking at sites like this. I look forward to exploring the site and learning more

    1. I don’t do paid sessions. If you’re interested in visiting the nursery, email me and we can see if it might be possible. πŸ™‚

  21. I’ve never been diapered before and it’s often hard for me to even wet my pants even if I a completely full bladder, but I love the sensation and (especially) the humiliation of wetting myself. I want someone to train me to wet myself by tying me up on a full bladder so that I have to learn to use a diaper and then I want to be taken in public on a bursting blatter and denyed the privilege to go to the bathroom until I lose it in front of everybody filling up my diaper and then having you squeeze it so it stains my pants and everyone can see what I’ve done.

  22. I’m a guy but I would love to have a scene you let the girls punish a guy they kidnap to get revenge for all there punishment. I deliver a pizza they kidnap me and do every signal punishment to me. Very messy fun scenario

  23. Hello. My name is
    I am an active DL. I’ve been to diaper play since I was about 7 years old. To model diapers is my world biggest dream and could never be replaced by anything else. Please concede me as a candidate for you. I would love the opportunity… thank you so much for your time on this matter.

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